Thu Jun 22 2017

Alison in Utah

My husband and I are self-employed, so we buy our insurance on the open market. Although we are much healthier than the average American by a long shot, when we applied for insurance prior to the ACA, we were both rated up because of pre-existing conditions. I was even rejected by one company.

This seemed ridiculous, since the pre-existing conditions that caused the rate increase were injuries from being active, and were both completely resolved. This made our insurance astronomically expensive, and it increased by quite a bit every year.

When I say we are healthy, we really are exceptionally healthy. We are lean and trim. We are in our mid-40s, but can run, hike, climb, and do more push-ups than most people in their 20s. We eat healthy, exercise hard and often, and never get sick. At the most, we might catch one cold a year between the both of us. We would pay thousands of dollars every year for a high deductible plan that we never used.

Since the ACA, we have had no problem getting health insurance, and we are not rated up because of pre-existing conditions. But the best part is, we feel comfortable that we have health insurance at a reasonable price, and can always get it in the future. Or at least we felt that way until recently. Now it sounds like our senators are scheming to take away the protection we enjoy under the ACA. We are against their attempt to take away the mandate that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against individuals with pre-existing conditions. We are not happy about this potential loss of protection.

We would recommend our senators keep the legislation that protects patients against discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Instead, they would do better to focus on corruption and inefficiencies in the insurance and drug industries. We hope that they consider the interests of their constituents when drafting legislation.