Tue Jul 11 2017

Eleanor in New Mexico

I am 17 and I have 3 people I'm very close with, that have had cancer. One of them has had it twice. If the ACA hadn't been there, the one that has had cancer twice would have died sooner. But, she is still alive and as healthy as she can be. That's how they ACA has helped me and my family.

Tue Jun 27 2017

Delana in New Mexico

Before being a Union member I qualified for Medicaid when I got Pregnant with my son. Infact I used Planned Parenthood and the Emergency Room prior to Medicaid. But obviously when I got pregnant I didn't know how I would afford to have my baby. I called PP and they told me to see if I qualified for Medicaid. That was music to my ears and should also be to all you Pro-life crowd too. Medicaid and the always helpful Planned Parenthood helped me have a Healthy Baby Boy.

Years later I found a lump in my breast and went backed to Planned Parenthood. They helped me find the help I needed to get a mammogram.

Now I am a Union worker and get Medical through them but a friend of mine also in the Union found cheaper care through the exchange and he needed it because at 36 was diagnosed with Cancer.

My other friend was born with Spina bifida. She had numerous surgeries as a child but lives with life long health issues and is unable to work more than part time due to deterioration. As an adult her Dr. mom and Lawyer dad no longer support her or pay her health care. Prior to ACA she had a very bleak future. With ACA her life opened up.