Wed Jul 26 2017

Rebecca in Montana

My adult son needs Medicaid to afford his medicine and see a doctor to keep his mental illness in check. He cant' keep a job right now, but we are hoping with Medicaid assistance he gets the needed treatment so he can live independently. He's a brilliant computer programmer who has an illness. Without ACA, my family's life would have been destroyed. Lose our son to this illness due to no treatment? Lose our house to pay for his care? It is horrible to think what would become of my son if we can't get the needed care for him.

Wed Jun 28 2017

Tim in Montana

It would prevent me from getting affordable health care coverage. ACA allowed me to receive affordable health care coverage for the first time in my life. I am in my late 50's and will not be able to afford insurance otherwise and will need access to medicare in the not too distant future, so cuts to medicare and medicaid will have a very adverse effect on my life and health in the future. Rather than looking out for the best interests of its citizens, I feel like the I need protection from the present administration's harmful legislation interests of benefiting the wealthy elite at the expense of the ordinary person. Government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich while less well to do citizens suffer the consequences at the most precious of costs: their health. Why don't we take away the comfortable health insurance plans of all congress members and see how they feel about losing healthcare firsthand…they might sing a different tune with a new perspective after walking in someone else's shoes.

Tue Jun 27 2017

Janice in Montana

This would completely affect my life. I have been proud to say that I have been using the ACA since 2013. I am 64 years old and will be one of the millions who will lose our insurance. Why should I when all our representatives have health insurance paid for by tax payers. This bill Trump Care is the worst thing that the Republicans can ever try to pass. Not only is it 'MEAN' it is something we must not let pass. Please stand together with me to fight for all of us to have affordable health care.