Wed Jul 12 2017

Richard in Minnesota

We would be unable to get any health insurance for my wife.

Mon Jun 26 2017

Kiana in Minnesota

It would destroy my family.

My parents are over 65, both are asthmatic and Dad is on statins. The asthma meds alone would be over $300, which they can't afford.

My husband has chronic migraines, sleep disorders, and type 2 diabetes. He takes as much medication for these inherited conditions as a man my father's age does. He needs them all to function.

We both have sleep apnea. Our CPAP machines each cost $3000. Without them, we could stop breathing and potentially die. Even if we don't die, our lives are shortened.

I have generalized anxiety disorder and have had severe dysmenorrhea since I was 13. I am on meds for both. Without either, I would be unable to function. I would be consumed by fear and worry and crippling pain without birth control.

No, the BC is not for what it usually is used for. Without it, I would be screaming for morphine 5-7 days a month. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

These conditions also require numerous doctor visits, especially for my husband.

We all work hard. We're farmers who feed the nation. None of us is on assistance, none of us are lazy, and we don't spend our money frivolously on things we don't need. Without ACA, we couldn't afford the care we need.

So even though we work hard and have done nothing to bring these conditions upon ourselves, these bill writers think we deserve to die?