Mon Jul 03 2017

Mary in Florida

I am a health surrogate for a 96 year old World War II vet who has no family support. A pastoral Care committee I belong to is taking care of him. He is totally dependent on Medicaid for the nursing home care he needs and the withdrawal of medicaid funding will literally put people like Marcus out on the street. Marcus is a lively conversationalist and much loved by the staff at his nursing home. He gave me permission to use his photo.



Fri Jun 30 2017

Judy in Florida

I am a single mom. I work full time. My mother has Alzheimer's and has required 24-hour skilled nursing care for the past four years, paid for mostly by Medicaid. There are not enough hours in the day or dollars in my wallet for me to be able to care for her full time and be able to work so I can pay to support my own family. Most of the people in my mom's nursing home are on Medicaid. Their care needs are greater than any loving family can provide and the cost of paying for that care is more than the vast majority of families can afford. If these changes go through it will be catastrophic for nursing homes and the elderly.

Wed Jun 28 2017

Lisa in Florida

I have Colon Polyps last Colonoscope I had 12 removed 4 of which were flat (those are the Bad one's) very likely to turn into Cancer, My hope is if I can keep these out of my colon maybe they will stop growing, If I lose Health Care ACA I stand a good chance of ending up with Cancer. If you have ever had a Doctor tell you. your on the verge of developing cancer, you have no Idea of what scared is. I am 62 yrs old my Premiums are $108 co-pay 0 PCP $30 Specialist 0 deductable Bronze plan Molina, at my age I will be priced out with TRUMPCARE

Wed Jun 28 2017

Debra in Florida

My husband and I have remained in the same town in Florida for many years because his parents are aging in place, and as the youngest sibling, his older siblings were able to leave the state to find better jobs, leaving my husband as the only one to take care of his parents. This has limited our job opportunities, and occasionally, especially during the recession, made our life very difficult. Despite the sacrifices, until now, I have supported my husband in his wish to stay near his parents. However, if this bill passes, I will be having a conversation with my husband about: a) how his parents will need to purchase long-term care insurance, or b) if they do not (probably because they cannot afford it), then we will not be giving up our jobs and taking care of them in their old age. This may sound selfish, but I plan to tell my husband that the caregiving role will need to pass to his brother, a man who voted for Trump and who places memes on his Facebook page that say, "now you know what "we" had to deal with for eight years under Obama!" The way I see it is–I didn't vote for these policies and I am actively fighting against them, but if I (and fellow progressives) fail to rein Trumpism in, then many Americans are going to suffer as a result. And ultimately, Trump supporters will need to feel the pain the most in order to vote more intelligently in the next election.

Tue Jun 27 2017

JoSelle in Florida

I am self-employed as a freelance editor and writer and have been for most of my post-college life. Unfortunately, I also have "preexisting conditions" (or what people in other countries might just call "part of being alive): depression and an anxiety disorder that I inherited from my parents. These diseases have affected me from early childhood and require treatment to keep me working for my clients and helping to care for my family members. Without medication and therapy, my ability to do so is gravely impacted.

Pre-ACA, I was inelligible for insurance despite taking some of the cheapest, most common medications on the marketplace. I was forced into a high-risk pool in the state where I lived at the time, Utah, which placed an enormous financial burden on me (paying upwards of $600-$700 per month for insurance that did not cover mental healthcare very well). Post-2014, I can afford to pay for my insurance, which leaves me more money to invest in my business and to take care of my family.

Of course the ACA isn't perfect. I am sympathetic to those who faced premium increases under it or who found their access to healthcare diminish. However, the logical thing to do is to improve it, not demolish it with a replacement that harms the most vulnerable and poor among us so the wealthiest can have more money. And this is precisely what the Senate and House have created–a tax cut built on the backs of poor people, disabled people, sick people, seniors, and children, many of whom are medically fragile.

I am not just concerned for myself in opposing this barbaric legislation. I am concerned for my disabled friends, my family members with "preexisting conditons," my best friend who has polycystic ovarian syndrome and who has been laid off several times in the last three years (because our economy has only improved for some people, not all of us), and her brother who was just diagnosed with diabetes.

I urge all people reading this to stop and think. Whether you voted for Clinton or Trump, whether you prefered one of their primary challengers to either of them, whether you live in a red, purple, or blue state, this bill will affect you profoundly if it passes. It does not do what many pundits tell you to do, and embracing it because it was written during an administration you approve of does not mean it is beneficial to you.

If you are a Republican senator reading this, I encourage you to do the right thing by your constituents and place their health and well-being above profit, lobbying, and political partisanship. Illness, disease, disability, and old age are no respectors of persons, and one day someone you love, or even you yourself, may find you have few resources to turn to when your health is imperiled.

Wed Jun 21 2017

Gisela in Florida

We are concerned that pre-existing conditions will not be covered and that monthly premiums will increase. Also, lifetime and yearly caps and not protecting the 10 essential health benefits will be a deterrent to affordable care. #ivote4health