Thu Jun 29 2017

Michael in West Virginia

Many people do NOT KNOW, that if you become DISABLED, and your Social Security Income combined with your Spouse is MORE than what permits assistance via #Medicaid, the first 2 years, your have to obtain your OWN Health Insurance!

I was in the First wave of People, with Back Failure Syndrome amongst a full sheet of Diagnoses, Nobody would give me a Policy! They might offer me one, Blue Cross for example offered me for 2,000 a month with a 2,000 Deductibe and NO Pharmacy or Dental Coverage a 80/20 policy. Yeah they offered me one, but they knew I couldn't and wouldn't take it, I'd have STARVED!

Under the ACA, When I checked a box that indicated my Native American Heritage, I was Floored, thinking I was getting a 80/20 Blue Cross Policy, instead it paid 100%!!! Many people in Appalachia are of Native American Decent. I have a Same Sex Spouse, at that time, the State of West Virginia did not offer Domestic Partner Benefits nor did it recognize Same Sex Marriage.

I and my partner of over 25 years are facing Financial RUIN! Without the #ACA, I would have not only been out of pocket but frankly I could never have paid all the co pays and Deductibles going to Collections and ruining my Credit Score.

As an American, I am not Angry, I am just FLAT out DISGUSTED! That People in our Senate and House who all have a heck of a lot of FINANCIAL Assets who many never ran a SWEEPER to clean a carpet, can just toss people out in the STREET! Let them work in the ER's when people sit for 12 -16 hours get Prescriptions that they can't even get Filled because they don't have the MONEY!