Wed Sep 06 2017

David in Oregon

I am a retired registered nurse with twenty years of experience in the operating room, especially in vascular surgery. When you do that, you assist in amputations, which are virtually all diabetics and mostly uninsured. I subsequently discovered that European diabetics have one-third the amputation rate of American diabetics.

Tue Jun 27 2017

Jennifer in Oregon

Before the ACA was enacted, we relocated to Scotland for a job within the company my husband worked for. We did this to escape the 2008 crash.

Our oldest son stopped breathing to all animal products in any amount baked into any food. Casein, whey, protein hydrolosate…you name it. He had been rushed to the ER on more than one occasion with us all praying for his life.

While in Scotland, the US insurance companies would not insure our son if we returned. He had a pre existing, life threatening condition without documented prior coverage by another US insurance company during our Scottish tenure.

When the ACA was enacted, my family relocated back to the states. My husband is a chemical physicist in sales. His sales bring in over 15 million a year into the US economy. If he doesn't hit this number, he is out of a job as are a number of workers in production plants in the U.S.

Without ACA, the US would have lost the money he brings in to keep our economy going. And, a really great family too.

Mon Jun 19 2017

Patty in Oregon

Through no fault of my own I acquired MS, now I'm on disability after working my whole life. I won't be able to afford meds without medicare. At the very least it won't kill me, so I feel scared for the millions it will kill or bankrupt.