Wed Jul 26 2017

Rick in Kentucky

I am a mental health worker in McConnells home state of Kentucky. While I did not initially support the idea of universal health care & I didn't enjoy the bumpy transition to managed care I cannot deny the benefit that it has given millions of families and youth in the state of Kentucky. I have been able to work with thousands of kids who without ObamaCare would not have been able to seek mental health treatment. Hundreds of teens who got substance abuse treatment at 15 instead of 35 when it's too late. Hundreds of kids who did not take their own lives because they got treatment for depression before the suicidal thoughts moved to actions. Hundreds of abused kids who were able to process their trauma before it turned into a new abusive cycle. Hundreds of hurt and angry kids who needed to be recognized before they took a gun into their school to force people to pay attention.

In addition to this when I transitioned to private practice the only way I could afford to start my own practice and provide insurance for myself, my wife & 1 year old daughter was through the exchanges. Contrary to even my own previous beliefs, Obamacare enables me to be my own small business owner. Yeah it uses tax payer money, but it enables me to help families and youth in this state avoid being a strain on taxpayers in even more detrimental ways to society as a whole. Plus, while I'll admit the insurance isn't great & the premiums have risen, Obamacare provides piece of mind for me and my family.

Obamacare isn't ideal. It needs work and by all means fix what's broken but if that means slashing medicaid and cutting funding from Obamacare for programs like mental health, that means kids & families will struggle again to get the help they need. It means an entire generation of abused kids grow up to repeat their abusive cycle. It means more suicidal teens are denied access to the intensive help they need, and more kids take their own lives before reaching graduation. It means more 13 year old Marijuana users end up 25 year old pain pill/meth addicts. It means more kids boiling over with anger will be one step closer to plotting something disastrous at your child's school. It means people like me, people in the trenches with these families that need help, cannot afford to be there without sacrificing the health, well being, and financial security of the ones they hold most dear.

Obamacare shouldn't be political. It isn't socialized medicine, and it needn't be a piece of legislation tied to one political party while the other tries to tear it down out of spite. It's about providing anyone and everyone the opportunity for medical care. If you repeal or carve away at that opportunity you're carving away at the quality of life of the American people, and the future of this country.